Arsenal v Blackburn and the rest of the weekend

Arsenal v Blackburn was an entertaining match that the Gooners controlled for a lot of the time. Blackburn definitely had their chances but they just couldn’t finish.

After last weeks England win, Theo Walcott is playing like a madman. It’s brilliant to see he has the confidence to play all over the pitch and set up the first goal for Van Persie.(Glad to see Mr VP back in great action) Blackburn seemed to be 6’s and 7’s for much of the game.

The rest of the match was loads on off sides and near misses then slick Arsenal passing.I must say it turned out to be the Adebayor show with his hat-trick. I’m glad to be nibbeling on my previous words concerning his apparent lack of form in front and around goal. I’m happy to see he’s gaining back his confidence. Well done lads!!

As for the rest of the weekend action – Liverpool beatin United….a close fought match and deserved winners. Newcastle continue the slide to match their shirts. Spurs loss….what more can I say.

The newbies Stoke & Hull are proving to be a hand full….it is early doors but still it’s good to see they are giving it a go.

Lastly it was, The Rich v The Richer, Chelsea took on Man City. I decided to have a butchers at that one and yeah it was very entertaining – even from a neutral point of view. The tackles were hard and the pace at times fierce but City have, in the last 2 seasons, started brightly then by New Years lose their confidence. That is, I guess, when the oil cheque book will come out. But buying all the best players is a great idea, getting them to play as a team….is another story!

The Wellington Phoenix?…..painful match – they played hard but they’re painfully frustrating to watch! No certificates, statements of accomplishment, or other credentials will be awarded pay someone to do my essay in connection with this course