Premier League, Arsenal, NZ Football & Money

NZ Football: Firstly congrates to The All Whites (in black) for winning 2 games on the trot. The last game was pretty impressive – just the finishing/taking chances was poor. 3 – 0 is a nice score but it should have been at least 10 – 0. BUT the guys put together some nice passing and movement plus thank goodness they were wearing black!!! Harrrraaaayyyyyy.
Good luck to The Wellington Pheonix this weekend too.

Premier League: Just when we thought it was safe to put your wallet down along comes the Arabs and out comes the kind of money 4 million New Zealanders, togther, will never earn. (The family is worth OVER one trillion US Dollars)
Their notion that they could buy Ronaldo for over one hundred thousand pounds is about to rock the foundations of football forever. They obviously have waaaay to much money for their own good.
‘I’d like some of that if ya don’t mind mr oil-sheikh man???!’
Come ‘transfer window time’ in January, we are going to see some pretty astounding amounts of money-splashing – sending the beautiful game into a new era of ugly. OR WILL IT??
Will all the other clubs be bought out by other arab families, sending the game deep into middle east fan fare?
Will the English clubs be flashed about like platinum cards at exclusive arab nightclubs?
Will the oil sheikhs no longer wear white but their club colours?? The girls in Essex would love that!!
Or will the league lose it’s appeal and another ‘premier-plus’ league be started?
I’m sure the Russians are looking closely at the proceedings and are looking into their oil profits of the last 10 months then thinking of moving in on some of the remaining top 10 clubs that have not been bought yet. There’s not many left.
NZ Football would be a great place to start investing some serious cash Mr Russia!!!
Ronaldo playing for Auckland United…….hhhmmmmm yeah right!

Anyway, Manchester City winning the Premeir league?…… hard to imagine but anything is possible these days.
My mate, whose a City fan, has a smile bigger than Pamela Andersons boobs at the moment.
Even Noel Gallagher from Oasis is happy: ‘coz everytime United fans fill up with petrol, it goes straight into City’s coffers’ – who wouldn’t be happy!

Blackburn v Arsenal………… 1 – 2 always when we play Blackburn it’s a physical game that hurts. We need to pass BUT score goals! Not fluff in front of goal! Hands up who gets the red carded?

Liverpool v United…..I don’t know, without Stevie G Liverpool don’t have that grit. 2 – 2 is my prediction.
As always, with United, you have to play the full 90+ minutes against them coz the moment you relax – you lose!

Man City v Chelsea………..That will be a tactical game from hell. Both sides wanting to prove a point or two! Ego’s on the lose. Let’s hope yellow cards are minimal.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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