Arsenal v Newcastle plus the Premier League the week after

Wow – Asrenal v Newcastle plus the Premier League the week after was a shocking one.

Firstly Asrenal managed to redeem themselves with a display that bewilded any Newcastle player & fan.
We started off very strong and played flowing Gunners football – the one touch passing and movement off the ball is truely an Arsenal signature. Even today when I went for a walk around a local park the kids were performing one touch passes and moving forward to open up for the next pass. (In NZ that’s abit rare).
Newcastle United were truely outclassed, out played and left flat footed. HOWEVER, Newcastle managed to put the willies up The Gunners afew times by having afew near misses! Nicky Butt’s header for one, but what happened with the two strikers gettin each others way?
The game itself (for Gunners fans) was pure pleasure – they were dangerous on attack and solid in defence…….. the only thing that made the game fall short of brilliant? The introduction of Joey Barton!! Thanks to a desperate manager this thug made it onto the pitch to cause havoc and the Arsenal faithfull rightfully booed him. Referee should have just sent him off straight away!
Barton then went out to injure Nasri with a ruthless tackle that could have nearly cost Nasri his entire career. All that idiot could do is grin! He knew he did it on purpose and he didn’t care! That is one person who should pay! Gallas went nuts and Arsenal should ban him from playing at their grounds as well should other teams. He will hurt someone soon & when it happens they’d wished they’d banned him sooner! God help the player(s) that he ruins cause when he does it will send shock waves around the world! Don’t say i told you so! Managers be warned!
For some stupid reason, at the end of the thrashing, Keegan was trying to argue with Gallas and other Arsenal players over Barton innocence!! Keegan grow up or get out (we’ll get to that shortly)!
The Gunners won – and thankfully so – they redeemed themselves BUT they still need that finishing touch. Vela impressed me……I can see Van Persie, Vela and Eduardo combination working beautifully. Adebay-who??

Right to the rest of the week –
City bought out by an Arab consortium!! Wow – I guess it had to happen (Arsenal can’t talk ssshhhh)
Next, they set an amazing price for a player that could/might/hope/pray would get them results. City might be dangerous – or are we talking dangerous in the amount of money spending or money wasting. We all know oil prices have been high so expect more of the same during the next transfer window!
West Ham United – not ever liking West Ham & what they stand for, I shouldn’t really care about them BUT I thought Alan Curbishley was doing wonders for The Hammers. It’s only been 3 weeks! He had the passion and I think he’s dangerous! I actually admired his determination and grit. Howcome Westham directors didn’t see that?? Why did they go over him concerning player transfers? What a shame!

Next up – Keegan leaving Newcastle!! Eh??
Wasn’t King Kev turning them around?
I think he’s clever (except for the Barton thing), I think he’s very talented. I know they got outclassed by The Gunners but with the team they have they are contenders for at least the top 8! You’ve got to wonder, what behind closed doors, was said. I think the shot of that fat git Ashley at the Arsenal match quickly sculling a pint in about 10 seconds, sums it up for Newcastle – ‘it’s gonna end up against the wall lads’. Fans should sell their tickets on eBay or better still demand, in full force numbers, a full refund! The directors have no idea and they are panicking.

Internations this weekend. What’s your predictions?

The Premier League is cut throat BUT it seems to be getting worse!