Arsenal FC

We will always be…..
However, I think this year or season will or could be Wengers last season. He has promised alot.
He knows this season could be his last. ‘Young players’ and ‘spending on the future’ can only spand so far.
Fans want results and for ticket prices, and deserve winning results. Under pressure…Yes!! Results – Definately!!
I hope his camp is feeling better than the rest of the world – people that i have talk to today – have said – that they have ‘no confidence’ and are ‘feeling troubled’ about Arsenal – they feel ‘unusual’. Mr Wenger…..please sort it out!!
Mr W… have not got long! Spend the money – and make it work!!! Otherwise – We will all throw away our Arsenal tops and we will never come back!! Flüchtlingsschulen wie ihre hätten mit einer vielzahl an problemen zu kämpfen, sagt al-hadsch