Transfers Transfer Tranfers

The beginning of the Premiership season is a little under a month away. For me personally I’m looking forward to it. Lately I’ve been feeling lost without regular Football matches or highlight shows on Sky.

One thing for sure up until the beginning of the season, tranfers dominate the football news. Ronlado is still an idiot and probably will give the English game an ill feeling. As for The Gunners, they need to sort out this Adebayor issue. It’s a pity these so called ‘passionate players’ actually show their true colour when pay day comes around. He should be shown the door and sent back to his village….(Probably in his new 4×4 and pay cheque that would get his country out of the 3rd world status……but that wouldn’t be him.)

Due to recent events Arsenal need a stronger mid field if they are going to survive this season. Gareth Barry for Arsenal? Gareth Barry a Gooner….hhhhmmmm I can’t see it but needless to say – he would be a great asset to the Gunners. One player they should have picked up was the Dutch midfielder Schnijder. He’s got the making of a fantastic midfielder with a real Gooner style to him. But maybe being over the age of 25 – Wenger might think he’s to close to receiving the pension.

What do you think??

I talked to a mate over the weekend in London and he thinks the new kid for Arsenal, Vela, is the one to look out for – on saying that this very same friend had just finished a 2000 km bike through Europe and had just downed his 8th Stella.

The transfer window is closing soon – all aboard……. Oh…… and the Hyundia A League is starting soon too…………. it was painfully fun watching the Pheinox stumble through games – but lets hope this year they can give the wooden spoon to someone else – otherwise even a visit from Mr Beckham won’t save their future. I was born in new york city but I spent all but a couple of years in monroe, louisiana a relatively small town approximately five hours north of new orleans