Ronaldo the slave? – Blatter the idiot!

I have a passion for Football. Mainly the English Premier League and my team The Gunners, but I do like to see how our  National Ole’ Whites teams go as well as the Wellington Phoenix.

But what gets me at the moment with the English Premier League (EPL) is Blatter mouthing off about Ronaldo being a slave!! How is he a slave?? He gets paid more than our Kiwi Prime Minister!

The game is going to the dogs – fast!! Last season was the best i’ve seen since the EPL started. Over 1000 goals and drama to match. This season, i’m afraid to say, looks like it’s going to be full of tantrums and toy throwing by spoilt ‘athletes’ that apparently have a passion for football!

What does Blatter think he is doing by saying that footballers are slaves? Footballers sign contracts and they should honour them. Whether it’s 3 years or 5 they have signed the dotted line and should be accountable to it.

I’m an Arsenal fan and, unfortunately, Adebayor is making noise about being worth more than what Arsenal are paying him….it’s only 34000 quid a week. What would you do with that sort of money – especially these days! Adebayor should get paid more if he was a better player! Which he is not!

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